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#BB16 Trolling Already…

So Caleb Reynolds (no relation) is our token Southerner for the season, and his Instagram account revealed he’s not a big fan of Obama and occasionally refers to gay people as the not-so-nice “f” word that they sometimes get called. Original? No. Surprised? Nope. Remember, this is Big Brother US. 

A few whistle blowers are already condemning casting/producer’s decisions to include him in the cast. STOP. PLEASE. You are stupid.

Remember BB2? When Kent, who likened homosexuality to a “deviant, perverse” way to live life, befriended Bunky, maybe one of the most effeminate gay men to have ever been cast on this show? And how their relationship showed viewers a different side to Kent… a warm and protective side. Sure, he still held onto his “beliefs,” but it brought us a three-dimensional character… something so RARELY seen on BBUS today. If people had petitioned for Kent to be removed from the show, none of this would have happened (Not that he would have ever been removed)

I’m not sitting here saying that we should see MORE or LESS of any specific kind of character. I don’t yearn to watch a bunch of ignorant assholes on my computer screen all summer. But the last thing I need is  for the fans to ruin the experience for me… again. If you sign up for the Big Brother experience, you’re signing up for a severe portrayal of 16 very different people. If you’re too sensitive to handle discussions of race, sexuality and differing opinion, just go watch The Bachelorette or Rising Star (…before it gets cancelled)